How It Works

Airivers Waterpower Collection sucks, but in a good way.

Usually when something sucks it drains your energy, but with the Arriva it gifts you pure fresh, drinking water from the air its self.
And it’s got two sequential air filters eliminate particulate matter that is smaller than 2.5 microns, so like a Netflix kid’s comedy special it refreshes whilst keeping things clean.

The air is drawn through heat exchange units, what do they exchange? Heat for water, they’re refreshingly cool.

It turns humidity into water so damp into damn fine water.

This water gets blasted by a UV lamp that destroys microorganisms and decomposes harmful chemicals and you thought they were just useful for tans and finding stains on cheap hotel matresses.

Oh yeh it’s also got a reverse osmosis filter so it’ll filter out all kinds of nasties, like heavy metal. That said we’re big fans of Metallica, but you can find better ways to mosh to Master of Puppets.

If you need to know everything this remarkable machine does to keep you incredibly refreshed then maybe read the manual. But pour yourself a glass of cool or hot, clean water from the air its self whilst you do it. Sadly it can’t make coffee, tea or even beer yet, but we’re working on it.

The water is kept chilled and blasted by the UV whilst being recirculated. It also can be served hot or cold according to your choice, so you can have it hang around as long as you like. Bet you wish you use could use the same function on house guest or Air BnB guests.