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Airiver AR30 Filter Set - Pre Carbon Filter, Post Carbon Filter & TCR Carbon Filter (M6)

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Airiver AR30 Filter Set - Pre Carbon Filter, Post Carbon Filter & TCR Carbon Filter (M6)

$99.00 You Save: $-99.00 (100%)
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Product Description

  • AIRIVER AR30 REPLACEMENT FILTERS - The following are the replacement filters used for the AR30: Pre-Active carbon, Post-Active carbon, and TCR Active carbon. The average replacement period for the AR30 is 3-6 months.
  • RECOMMENDED REPLACEMENT TIME - Recommended Timing for Filter Replacement is 3-6 months. (It might be verified according to different water consumption. The timing below is based on 10 liters water consumption per day.
  • FILTER REPLACEMENT FOR PURE QUALITY WATER - The AR30 continues operation for a long term, depending on usage and air quality, odor and taste indicate that is time to change them. Filters inside the machine need to be replaced every once in a while. This is done to ensure that the highest quality of the purest water is provided to you at anytime and anywhere.  
  • REPLACEMENT INDICATOR - When filtration system is time for replacement, REPLACE on display will blink to remind user to clean or change filters. (Please refer to Filter Replacement for details). When cleaning or replacement is done, keeps pressing RESET till REPLACE indication stops blinking. Press RESET again to turn off “REPLACE” icon and to reset the replacement warning time. 
  • FILTER REPLACEMENT WARNING - Normally the icon keeps on. When it flashes, the filters should be replaced. Again, be reminded that filter replacement is done every 3-6 months depending on how it is being used or its frequency.
AR 30 Specifications
Filter and Parts Replacement
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Powerful and Innovative System Turns Air of The Most Inhospitable Environments Into Water
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Total Control Water Security System

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Anti-Allergen Filter

HEPAAnti-Allergen Filter

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1/1000 mm

Ideal 7PHBalance

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What Our Clients Are Saying

This a must have product if you are a Prepper , this machine works great. love there filtration system. Water test much better than any filtration we use. We have had our machine a couple of months and has been working great.

These machines are Awesome ! .. My friend got one of these Airiver Water Machines.. and it works amazing ..Water from Air ! ... Who would of thought .. What is really cool about the machine, is the filtration system. It gets the purest quality of water , and makes it safer to drink the filtered bottle water.

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